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From our students and clients


Student testimonial

"Moving the college and course. I had a problem about moving the college and course. Before I came to JLH Consultants, I used another agency but they couldn’t move the college and course what I wanted then I decided to go to ask for information and consulting with JLH consultants and felt enlightened after that. They gave me all the information that I needed to know and helped me how to do it. After that, they helped me to change the college and successfully enrolled me to the course that I really wanted to do. I highly recommend JLH consultants for students who want to change courses or college. They are good at customer service, helpful staffs and follow ups."


Student testimonial:

“I thank JLH in helping me enrol to my new course. I’m so happy I received great assistance from them through meeting GTE and to successfully get me the course that I want. There were a lot of requirements the school needed from me and doing it myself was hard until I came and ask for help of JLH. They made it easier for me the whole process and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends back in Italy and my friends here in Melbourne!”

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Student testimonial

Country: Colombia

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Clients testimonial

Country: Philippines

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